Hempire Direct Is Giving Away 100,000,000 1/8ths

You’ve read all that right. If you are located in one of the 50 states where CBD Products are legal and you are reading this, consider yourself lucky and blessed! 

Hempire Direct is giving away 1,000,000 Free 1/8ths of CBD Flower.  

But that’s not all. Hempire Direct is also giving away $500,000 in cash, store credit, and Teslas. 

Yes you heard right. In addition the the cash prizes listed below.  Orders number 100k 250k 500k and 1,000,000 will get a Tesla. 

I’d like to introduce this exciting CBD Cannabis Delivery Service, with its own Android App, thats right, access to 100s of Strains and a large CBD Range accessible from the device you are most likely reading this off.

Who is Hempire Direct?

Hempire Direct are a CBD Flower & Product Delivery Service who service all 50 states, patients and customers who order via their website, www.hempiredirect.com or Android App, have access to a copious amount of CBD Flower, Skincare, Edibles & Much more.

The Giveaway | How it works.

The Following Prizes & Winners

  • Order 1500
    $500 In Cash ( Winner: Eric J )
  • Order 2500
    $500 In Cash + $500 Store Credit
  • Order 5000
    $2000 in Cash + $500 Store Credit
  • Order 10,000
    $2500 in Cash + $500 Store Credit
  • Order 25,000
    $5000 in Cash + $1000 Store Credit
  • Order 50,000
    $10,000 in Cash + $2500 Store Credit
  • Order 100,000
    Tesla Model 3 + $5000 Store Credit
  • Order 250,000
    Tesla Model 3 + $10,00 Store Credit
  • Order 500,000
    Tesla Model S + $5000 Store Credit
  • Order 1,000,000
    Tesla Model S + $10,000 Store Credit

As you can see the first winner has already been announced, good luck!

If you’ve won, to be able to claim your prize, please hold onto your ID and order receipt. The winner will be contacted via phone and email. The winners will be announced first name and order number on the companies website, and must call to claim their prize!

What Do I Have To Do?

Easy, fill out the form below and you’ll be redirected to the Hempire Direct Give Away page, all you have to do is pay for shipping and you’ll have your 1/8th on the way!