HUM Has Joined Last Prisoner Project In The Fight for Cannabis Reform

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The Last Prisoner Project & HUM became partners in the Spring of 2020. These brands are committed to fight for criminal justice reform – more importantly the lives & families of those affected by harsh cannabis laws. The Last Prisoner Project is a voice for those currently incarcerated for non-violent cannabis offenses across the country.

As more states legalize Cannabis this also makes way for new business opportunities and sources of wealth, which is great although there’s one problem with all of this – there are people serving lengthy prison sentences for non-violent criminal convictions because of a plant that’s been around for thousands of years. Today we’re talking about vape brand, HUM and The Last Prisoner Project, and their collaboration to raise funds to support all the work they do.

What Is The Last Prisoner Project?

Imagine sitting in a cell for decades or even serving a life sentence for a plant that’s been around for centuries and no longer a crime in most states, you have thousands of people and start-ups doing the same thing everyday.

LPP is a not-for-profit organization, originally founded by Steve DeAngelo, the organization is backed by industry leaders, executives, artists and advocates from the likes of Damian, Stephen Marley & Matt Gray among a large list of industry leaders. They’re dedicated to Cannabis criminal justice reform just like you and I. Through spreading advocacy online and offline, The Last Prisoner Project is and has been a voice for the ones who have been silenced and have suffered the most for laws that are now legal in most states.

LPP believes that if anyone is able to profit and build wealth in the legal marijuana industry, the individuals must also work to release and rebuild the lives of those who have suffered from cannabis criminalization.

Through their organization and the enormous support they receive from the Cannabis community online as well as retail support, they’re able to do the work they do.

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Once a prisoner is expunged, released or served their time life after jail can be challenging for most so LPP have designed a roadmap to get prisoners back on their feet so they can move forward with living and finding peace.

The Last Prisoner Project facilitates a Reentry Program, which focuses on job creation specifically for those that have been affected by the justice system so they can get back on their feet and be entitled to equal opportunities across the industry. The program offers training opportunities and skills to help one navigate through the Cannabis industry.

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Free At Last. Michael Thompson was released this January

The Release Of Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson was released this January, thanks to Governor Whitney who has granted him a commutation, after 25 years in prison for a non-violent cannabis offense Michael can now finally move forward with his life and make up for lost time. In 1994 Michael was arrested for selling three pounds of Marijuana to a Confidential Informant in Genesee County 1994.

Notable Achievements Made By LPP

California – The Last Prisoner project developed the Prison to Prosperity reentry program designed to create pathways to employment in the legal cannabis industry; piloting in Los Angeles with local community reentry organizations.

Colorado – Initiated their own Cannabis Clemency Program and worked with the Governor’s office and the Department of Corrections to secure an executive order expanding parole eligibility amidst the COVID pandemic leading to the release of hundreds of at-risk prisoners.

How Can I Contribute?

There’s a few ways to join the movement. Find the below platforms that you can contribute to.

HUM was designed in Boston by BeGreen Supply, a technology company that manufactures custom vaporizer devices used by some of your favorite cannabis brands

When they partnered up in Spring last year HUM designed a special edition variation of the HUM battery to commemorate the start of the partnership, The double-sided engravings let users show their support for the cause with every puff.

You’ll also notice the HUM2 has a second cartridge slot, this is ideal for medical patients or anyone that utilizes multiple cartridges throughout their day.

HUM has also taken the extra step in teaming up with their local retail partners and dispensaries throughout the country to push the movement even further.

For Each unit that is sold HUM will donate $5 from HUM sales & $15 From HUM2 sales to the LPP organization.

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