Colorado Cherry Flower CBD | Flower Review

Update: This business is no longer trading. 4/5/2020

What is Colorado Cherry?

Gaspack’s Colorado Cherry Hemp Flower is an organically grown strain of hemp flower that, as the name suggests is grown in Colorado, USA. The flower is grown in the absence of chemical pesticides or herbicides, and no synthetic fertilizers. This flower was provided by the company GasPack and all CBD flower sold through GasPack is lab tested and the results are provided within the packaging of the flower you purchase.

This cherry strain is a strain packed with trichomes, and releases a slight pleasant cherry aroma.

This strain features all around great genetics. This is a high quality strain that I would definitely put on my “Top 5 Strains on the Market” list. GasPack did not disappoint with this one.

GAS PACK Packaging


  • CBDa : 16.19%
  • CBD : 0.64%
  • THCa : 0.28%
  • THC : 0.0%

Okay, Time To Medicate


The Colorado Cherry Flower ships inside a very gorgeous and professionally done and labeled vacuum sealed package that lists the company name alongside various other vital information pertaining to the flower such as lab test results and quality assurances. The packaging is overall quite appealing to the eye and fits the GasPack company’s personality. They also add an informative “Notice To Police” letter in their packaging that details the exact US laws that make the bud you possess legal. If you are from another country or in a state with recreational marijuana, you might not appreciate this as much but it was a nice little addition that shows this company goes above and beyond to please the customer and demonstrates their attention to detail. It also comes with the lab work and test results that detail just how much CBD and THC the flower has.


The flower out the package was a great quality and appeared fresh. The flower unfortunately was pressed and smushed inside the packaging, likely due to shipping but a little nit-picky detail that I thought should be pointed out nonetheless. The flower was also a slight bit dry but when grinded up revealed to be sticky and fluffy shake. Very appropriate for rolling a nice tight blunt or packing a solid bowl. The flower also had a nice lively green color with light brown pistils. The dryness can be due to uncontrollable situations so even after all that, I would still give this flower an 8 out of 10 quality-wise.


The Colorado Cherry Flower releases a quite pungent smell upon opening the packaging. At first whiff, the flower projects a nose whenching dank kush smell with slight undertones of fruit salad, that can most likely be attributed to it’s cherry genetics.

The smell of the flower is quite hard to mask using everyday deodorizers and I’d recommend using an airtight jar/ bag to store your flower and to smoke outside. Overall the smell can be managed and is very pleasing to those who enjoy a nice terpy, dank flower. Not recommended for people with a sensitivity to overwhelming smells.


You can definitely taste the quality of this flower. Smoked through a blunt, the flower gives you a nice slight throat burn but is honestly quite smooth which is a pleasant feeling compared to most hemp/ CBD flowers. It has a nice earthy full mouth taste and leaves a small cherry aftertaste. The smoke was a little dry but fortunately produced no cough (amatuer smokers might have a little bit more trouble with this strain). I’d recommend smoking this flower through a bong especially if you are a new smoker as the smoke filtered through water is much easier on the throat and releases more of it’s flavour components.

The High

Disclaimer | PLEASE READ

The effects of CBD will vary from person to person. The effects the flower has on me is not a guaranteed result and results will vary from person to person. I recommend that you experiment with all types of flowers to receive your desired effects.

Onset Effects

As someone who suffers from anxiety, I looked to prescription medicine at an early age to give me the same effects that CBD. When I review flower, I’m looking for a product that is going to give me the nice calmed and relaxed feeling. Smoking this flower whether it be through a J, a bowl, or ripping it through a bong, I have to say that it is one of the potent strains I’ve tried. A nice calming wave passed over me 3 to 5 minutes after smoking the flower. These effects continued but lessened throughout a 2 to 3 hour period. It was also a great sleeping tool. A couple hits of the flower a couple minutes before settling down saw not only my ease of falling asleep increase but I woke up feeling well rested and energetic to start the day. I found it not helping with my knee pain as much as a few other flowers have so that tells you that if you are using CBD for pain management, you might want to veer away from this strain. In total, this flower is definitely more of a sleep aid or a calming medicine than a pain reliever. As I said before, this flower just seems to be more potent than most flowers as I received stronger effects than most other flowers I have tried.


This flower is a high quality product that I’d recommend to someone having problems falling asleep. It has got great sleep enabling abilities and it is a tasty but also smelly flower to smoke. Due to this smell I wouldn’t recommend smoking this flower in public if marijuana is illegal where you are. It might bring some unwanted attention your way. For an overall grade (taking into account the flavor, taste, quality, and overall effect) I’d give this flower a 7.85 out of 10. I’d definitely recommend it to a friend and I think you should check it out too.

Where Can I Find This Flower?

The Colorado Cherry Flower can be found at You can buy an eighth (3.5 grams) of this flower for $17.99, a quarter (7 grams) for $32.99, a half (14 grams) for $54.99, and an ounce (28 grams) for $79.99. You can also follow GasPack on instagram This company is just starting out and has some great things in the works. I highly recommend you check them out as they are releasing many more strains of flowers on their website very soon!