Alien Tech x RE:STASH Cannabis Jar Review

    There is no doubt that glass is one of the best methods to store and cure your cannabis, at the same time I know there are a number of people who still keep their cannabis in plastic containers and zip lock bags, simply put you should not be storing your herbs in plastic. The terpenes in your flowers can break down plastic and release chemicals that damage the smell and taste of your herb. It is also known to be static which can pull trichomes off the buds. You run the risk of damaging trichomes and the potency of the product over time.

    The same company that brought you the Alien Tech Grinder recently entered into a collaboration with RE:STASH to bring two new jars which provide one of the best methods cannabis storage solutions ever. The jars are designed to protect and keep your cannabis secure by always keeping your herbs discreet, fresh and protected from harmful UV rays.

    The jars are fitted with a removable silicone sleeve which acts as protection against any accidents or drops. In addition to that, your precious herbs are protected from harmful UV rays which destroy the terpene and THC content over time. In the 1970s a study was conducted by the University Of London which concluded that light was the single biggest factor in the degradation of Cannabinoids.

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    These jars are made from 3mm borosilicate glass which are widely used in the medical field and labs because of its ability to be 100% sterilized and non-toxic composition. The lids are airtight locking in any smells and moisture. Made out of 30% repurposed farm waste and consist primarily of a hemp flax bio-fibre reinforced polypropylene, which is incredibly durable and ecologically friendly and not to mention child-resistant.

    In fact, some US states require medical patients and recreational users to keep their herbs away from children by law. In addition to the lid you’ll notice the divider, which is also hemp & flax bio-fibre reinforced polypropylene. The divider allows you to separate two strains or what I like to do when on the go is I add my papers and joints in the other half.

    Another timeless product brought to you by Alien Tech who pride themselves on built to last technologies.

    Where Can I Buy One From?

    Simply head on over to the Alientech website and select either jar of your choice, 4oz & 8oz sizes are available. They offer worldwide shipping so no matter if you’re in Australia or the US the team have got your buds covered.

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