Study: Excessive Cannabis Usage Linked with Erectile Dysfunction in Men

    Cannabis has been shown to have sexually stimulating properties, hence enhancing sexual encounters. The cannabinoid profile of cannabis influences sexual functionality, with excessive THC levels potentially spoiling the pleasure. Cannabis’s muscle relaxant qualities can hinder men’s sexual functioning, although it may assist women. Cannabis indirectly improves sexual functioning by reducing anxiety and boosting relaxation, and daily and weekly users had higher sexual frequency than non-users.

    Historically, cannabis has been seen as an aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual desire and arousal. Recent studies confirm these effects, with women reporting higher rates of increased desire than men. Users often use cannabis to boost sexual desire and reduce pain during sex.

    Cannabis has an impact on several stages of the sexual response cycle. Cannabis’s vasodilator effects may impact female lubrication during the excitation phase and induce erectile dysfunction in males. It can make foreplay last longer and more enjoyable.

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    Cannabis usage is connected with extended intercourse during the plateau phase, which could be attributed to impaired time perception. Orgasm intensity and pleasure are frequently reported to increase with cannabis consumption. However, frequent male users may have difficulty achieving orgasm.

    Cannabis also improves sensuality, specifically taste and touch, resulting in a more delicate and relaxed sexual experience.


    Given the increased everyday usage of cannabis as a result of legalization, additional study is required to update and clarify the existing, sometimes contradictory, literature on its effects on sexual functioning and satisfaction.

    Key Takeaways:

    1. Enhancement of Sexual Encounters: Cannabis can enhance sexual experiences due to its sexually stimulating properties.
    2. Cannabinoid Profile: The effects on sexual functionality depend on the cannabinoid profile, with excessive THC potentially diminishing pleasure.
    3. Gender-Specific Effects: Cannabis’s muscle relaxant properties may hinder men’s sexual functioning but can benefit women.
    4. Reduction of Anxiety: Cannabis indirectly improves sexual functioning by reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation, leading to higher sexual frequency among regular users.
    5. Historical Aphrodisiac: Historically, cannabis has been known to enhance sexual desire and arousal, a finding confirmed by recent studies.
    6. Enhanced Sensuality: Cannabis improves the senses, particularly taste and touch, leading to a more delicate and relaxed sexual experience.
    7. Plateau Phase: Associated with prolonged intercourse due to altered time perception.
    8. Orgasm: Increases orgasm intensity and pleasure but may cause difficulties in achieving orgasm for frequent male users.


    Photo: Photo by Asad Photo Maldives