Product Review: Premium CBD Flower & Pre-rolls By Kushy Dreams

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    Kushy Dreams offers hemp in both dried flower and pre-roll packs. They advertise their hemp as extraordinary and their CBD prerolls as luxury. we previously reviewed their sativa flower, Create. In this review, we smoked the Dream flower an indica variation.


    Kushy Dreams flower is packaged in nitro-sealed containers. The dream flower is labeled light teal with product information including, organic farming practices, slow cured, and made in the USA. There is also access to the COA through a QR code. Other than that there isn’t too much about the flower. If you head over to the Kushy Dreams website you can find more about the Dream flower including that it’s cultivated in California, indoor, and the total CBD is 12.075%.

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    The Dream prerolls come in a pack of five half grams. The packaging is matte black with teal accents. It’s childproof and can easily be thrown into a bag or back pocket. There is minimal data about the prerolls on the packaging, but like the other Kushy products more can be found on their product page. The flower in these prerolls is sun-grown with the total CBD at 14.1%.

    Courtesy of Rebecca / @ThatCannabisWriter

    Looks, Taste & Smell

    As a regular cannabis smoker, I appreciate that Kushy Dream produces hemp flower that is on par with cannabis flower found in dispensaries. The Dream CBD flower has a nice smell, slightly sweet with hints of citrus. I packed a bowl of it and I was happy with the sweet flavor of the smoke. The buds were dense and stickier than the sativa flower I had previously tried.

    I really enjoyed the pre-rolls. These have been my favorite Kushy products so far. I’m an enthusiast of convenience. Also, since hemp yields little to no high, I like that a larger amount of flower was rolled up and ready for me to smoke. It was rolled nicely and didn’t run. I was able to smoke it all the way to the crutch with no issues.

    Courtesy of Rebecca / @ThatCannabisWriter


    I found that I didn’t get a heavy relaxing effect. The effects were mild if that.  I smoked a couple of bowls of flower then a full preroll. It was therapeutic in a way because I do enjoy the act of smoking but I’m not sure how much of that was from the hemp. I also don’t know if it was because I have such a high tolerance level of THC in general. It was like smoking a herbal cigarette.


    Overall, Kushy Dreams produces quality hemp products. The flower in taste, flavor, and smoke mirrors the standards found in cannabis products at legal dispensaries. I’d recommend it to those who’d like to try hemp products as an alternative to THC ones. Their range of cannabis products are legally available to anyone in any part of the United States.

    Personally, I don’t think hemp is for me but I’ve been smoking high THC products for a large majority of my life. It might have more of an effect on those with a lower tolerance level. After all we are all different.


    The CBD flower retails for $50 and the prerolls for $40. You can find the full range of products Kushy Dreams offers on their website. Stay tuned for more reviews!

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