Hawaii Senate Passes Cannabis Adult-Use Legalization Bill

    Lawmakers in Hawaii’s House of Representatives met together with senators to talk about a bill about cannabis. The bill, SB 3335, would make it okay for adults 21 and older to have some cannabis. They could have an ounce of cannabis and five grams of cannabis concentrates. The bill also sets rules for selling cannabis legally.

    The Judiciary and Hawaiian Affairs Committee liked the idea and said yes with a 7-3 vote. Another committee, Agriculture and Food Systems, also said yes, with five for and one against. Rep. David Tarnas, who supports the bill, says they’re trying to make sure it’s fair and safe for everyone. He says they’re taking advice from the attorney general. The bill is really long, more than 300 pages! They first talked about it in January.

    The Senate already said yes, with 19 for and 6 against. At the meeting, they made some changes to the bill. They made some rules less strict. For example, selling cannabis to a minor would be a smaller crime. They also said caregivers could give medical cannabis to kids in some places.

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    Some colleges might let people have cannabis if they’re 21 or older. And if you have a medical card, you can use cannabis at school. They also want someone who knows about farming to help make decisions. They also fixed some words that were confusing.

    Many people wrote letters about the bill. Some liked it, and some didn’t. Some people had ideas to make it better. Some police officers don’t like the bill. They think it could make driving more dangerous and make more crime. But some groups support the bill. They say it’s better than having cannabis sold illegally. Some people say the bill is too harsh.

    They think it could put more people in jail for small things. Some groups also worry about kids using cannabis. But some people say it’s not as bad as people think. The bill also says how much tax people would pay for cannabis. It would go to two places: one for police and one for other things.

    People with past crimes for cannabis could still work with cannabis after 10 years. The bill also has rules for driving and for people under 21. The bill could start in 2026. But some people want it to start later. They want to make sure the bill is fair for everyone. They also want to listen to everyone’s ideas. Some people hope the bill becomes a law soon. They say it could help Hawaii’s economy. Many people in Hawaii say they want cannabis to be legal.

    A survey found 58% of people support it. The governor also supports the bill. He says it could be good for Hawaii. Last year, the legislature also asked the governor to help people with old cannabis crimes. They’re also talking about other drugs. They want to help people who need medical care with psilocybin, a kind of mushroom.


    Key Points

    • Lawmakers in Hawaii’s House of Representatives and senators discussed a cannabis bill.
    • The bill, SB 3335, allows adults 21 and older to possess limited amounts of cannabis and cannabis concentrates.
    • Some colleges may permit cannabis use for adults 21 and older and for medical cardholders.

    Past cannabis offenders could work with cannabis after a 10-year waiting period.

    Tax allocation for cannabis sales was outlined, with proceeds directed towards law enforcement and other areas.

    Discussions extend to other drugs like psilocybin, aiming to provide medical assistance.