Lowell Herb Co | Premium CBD Pre-Rolls | Luxury Cannabis Brand Review

    As CBD flower and pre-rolls become more widely accepted and scrutiny damped, the influx of pre-roll/ flower products on the market right now is explosive. Companies are coming out with new strains and pre-roll packs quicker than people can smoke them. Finding a reputable and safe product can be quite difficult if you don’t know where to look or are in a state with stricter laws against Cannabis.

    Finding a cannabis brand / company that fits you and your needs is of the utmost importance. Though countless brands, I’ve combed and searched far and wide for quality CBD brands and just recently I’ve stumbled onto a company out of Californa called Lowell Herb Co. and more specifically their CBD pre-rolls Lowell Smokes.

    Lowell has a long history in the cannabis scene that dates back to 1909 when found William “Bull” Lowell was growing what was called as Indian Hemp. The company has exploded following marijuana legalization and then eventually the Farm Bill that legalized hemp nationwide. Although widely known for their THC products, their CBD products also follow the same high-quality standard. I had the pleasure just recently to sample a pack of their CBD pre-rolls and must I say I was not disappointed.

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    Starting with the presentation of the package, all of their products are shipped in secure and fresh packaging. In the shipping vessel, you will find your product as well as lab work detailing the cannabinoid composition and quality assurances. The pre-rolls themselves come in an apothecary-styled pack that is made from all-natural materials. The brand gives off a rustic yet professional vibe and the style of the package is no different. The box feels secure and it has a flap that you pull up to expose the 7 pre-rolled joints as well as matches for a quick light. It is also very discreet and fits in the pocket comfortably.


    As I stated before, you will not have to worry about the quality of your flower when a smoking product from Lowell Smokes. The CBD comes with lab work that details much how much CBD and THC is in your product, which I recommend keeping on you if you are in a state with strict cannabis laws. The flower quality is top of the line and almost feels as though it has just been taken off the plant. The bud is a nice earthy green with a large number of trichomes bursting with cannabinoids leaving the bud with a starry night glimmering look. It gives off a slight skunk aroma with small undertones of citrus and pine.

    The Smoke

    When I look for a pre-roll or bud, I’m very critical of the flavor profile. With so many cannabis products in the market, you can tell a company’s desire to be great by how their cannabis tastes. With so much advancement in breeding and selective gene splicing, the flower should no longer taste like I’m licking the backside of a muddy boot, this isn’t the 90s anymore. It should also not burn my throat to a crisp.

    These pre-rolls hit the mark on both of these. It was a nice smooth smoke that gave me a nice strong feeling in my lungs and not my throat. A telltale sign of bad flower is the burning of the throat, you should feel the effects in your lungs. The taste was piney and a slight bit sweet and thankfully did not have an earthy aftertaste like most lower quality flower.

    The pre-rolls are also wrapped in all-natural hemp paper so you no need to worry about harmful pathogens getting into your lungs. I’ve had a few better-tasting brands but this one is definitely in my top 10.

    Effects and Potency

     All of Lowell’s products come with just the right amount of potency to not over agitate your senses. The THC rolls usually come within the 20-30 percent range and the CBD rolls usually stick around the 17 percent mark. Both of these numbers are the right range for the most desired effects. Too much and you could feel signs of anxiety and paranoia and too little and you won’t feel anything at all.

    The CBD pre-rolls put me in the exact state I usually desire when consuming CBD. A nice mellow buzz with a lofty/ airy feel. They were great for before bed as well as during the day. These rolls were quite comparable to a swiss army knife.

    So..Why Lowell?

    With so many choices to choose from one way to differentiate brands is by their competitive pricing and their ecological and social footprint. The company doing its best to leave the earth better than they found it and are they reaching out and doing humanitarian work are questions you should think about when in a dispensary or online next time you purchase cannabis. Lowell ships their flower/ pre-rolls in recycled materials and practice environmentally safe work practices.

    They are also big in the cannabis prohibition scene, enacting programs that sway the negative cannabis perceptions and help those who have been affected by its senseless prohibition. Their pricing is also an attractive aspect of the brand.

    I’ve read and seen a couple of things online where a few people have complained about their price but when you account for the amazing quality and safe practices you receive, a few cents here and there can be passed over. You can find Lowell Herb Co.’s wide range of products at, I highly recommend their products and will be using them myself.