The Hum & Hum 2 Vape Battery For Cannabis Cartridges

    Update 7th of January: This brand seems to not sell the Hum vapes anymore, however if you go to their website, you’ll see they are launching a new brand and product.

    Every day, the market is being flooded with new vapes and ways to enjoy consuming cannabis and the latest trend that has exploded within the past few years is the distillate batteries. Unfortunately, this has lead to an influx of cheaply manufactured products and has pushed quantity over quality.

    It can be very hard to find a great battery that is soundly made while also not breaking the bank but after experimenting and wasting loads of money, I have gone through numerous batteries and mods but none have met my standards of being discreet, long-lasting, and practical. That is until I stumbled upon Hello Hum and their products the Hum and Hum 2 Battery.

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    • 2 x Active cartridge ports
    • Aluminum Housing with a steel base
    • 550 mAh battery capacity
    • Inhale Activation [ Draw Activated ]
    • Subtle LED indicator
    • Optional Haptic (vibration) on inhale
    • Ergonomic shape
    • 2 x Magnetic 510 screw-on adapters
    • 50mm braided rope Micro USB cable
    • Compatible with bottom airflow 510 cartridges

    First Impressions

    First impressions matter, especially when shopping for a cannabis / vape related products that have an unlimited variations and suppliers. When first stumbling upon Hello Hum’s website, I was greeted with a modern and sleek design. I found it very easy to navigate. The ordering process and product registration is streamlined and simple. Shipping was no hassle at all and was received in a timely manner. We welcome Hello Hum to the market as they are new, don’t let that fool you though, they are meticulous and proud of what they do and they care.

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    My favorite part of the Hum 2 device is the extra slot on the rear of the device that holds another cartridge. Both slots fit the standard 510 cartridges and if you are someone like myself who uses enjoys both Cannabis and CBD cartridges, that extra slot comes in handy. I very often find myself losing cartridges so this little quality of life improvement goes a long way. The cartridges fit perfectly into the device so you do not need to worry about your cartridge falling out or misfiring. The device is triggered upon inhalation so no need to worry about buttons.

    A little light will turn on as an indication that the battery is functioning and you are met with a little vibration, a hum! The strength of the device is all the notification you need. Immediately upon inhalation the coil triggers and produces a mountain of vapor which compares very favorably among most pens. Many pens and vapes force you to suck a baseball threw a garden hose which even still produces very little vapor but not the Hum devices.

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    Battery Life

    The most important factor for a cartridge device is its battery life. This can make or break a device for me. Luckily the Hum devices did not disappoint. These devices last far longer than the average battery on the market currently. When compared to other batteries in its price range, I find I have to charge the Hum only half as often. Even when tested under strenuous parameters (being passed around a friendly gathering) the Hum 2 lasted all night. The device charges incredibly fast and after being on the charger for roughly 20 minutes, I was able to use the device until the end of the day before needing another charge.


    As I said before Hello Hum’s clean and modern design is seen throughout the Hum 2. The device is a sleek matte black square roughly 2’’ x 2’’. The device is small enough to fit comfortably inside your hands and pockets but still has a solid and strong foundation. The matte black color does lead to scratches being magnified but only after putting my device through the wringer for testing purposes was I able to leave visible marks. The device is made to replace all of your disposable pens and is built with aluminum and steel for the long term. It is built to be used continuously and on a daily basis.  

    Why Hello Hum?

    Hello Hum is a company that I’m excited to keep up with as they grow, they care about the Cannabis & Vape community. The Hum and Hum 2 are absolute innovative, the brand and product that left me satisfied and very impressed. They have found a way to offer a device that is unique without losing any practicality. The Hum 2 is a top-tier product that is sleek and stylish, stealthy and discreet, and effective and functional. I highly recommend Hello Hum as a whole and hope to bring forth more awesome products from them.

    Where Do I Get One From?

    You can find all HUM Products on their website, or be sure to ask your headshop about HUM products to see if they stock!

    Hello Hum Website