Try Plain Jane Premium CBD Pre Rolls & Flower Review

    Who Is Plain Jane?

    Goodness gracious! Plain Jane might just be the hottest up and coming CBD company on the market right now. You could attribute this to their constant community outreach and general affordability of their products. The company sells CBD flower, CBD pre-rolls, and CBD oil, all of which are taking the market by storm with their originality and ingenuity. The flower is grown at a farm in Oregon. Plain Jane has been tailored to be very appealing with the younger generation of CBD consumers with their modern and sleek styling. I really applaud and respect their marketing approach as it is more focused on getting samples out to as many people as possible and letting the product speak for itself instead of targeting a select few social media influencers that represent a very small percent of the actual community, All in all, the presentation of Plain Jane as a CBD brand deserves a 10 /10.

    Time To Get Medicated

    CBD/ THC Content in Flower

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    • THC: 0%
    • CBD: 8%


    Plain Jane impresses with a very sleek and modern style design. Everything about their brand speaks professionality and quality control. The Plain Jane website is very easy to navigate and simple ordering processes. The brand has just a couple of products being flower, oil, and pre-rolls but the company seems to be taking a quality over quantity approach. The packaging is professionally done and ships around 4 days after time of ordering. The flower comes vacuumed sealed in a discreet bag that comes with lab work detailing the CBD and THC content in the flower. This is a nice tool especially if you are in a state where cannabis is illegal. It will save you if you get into any trouble and I recommend you hold onto that laminated paper if you are transporting your flower. I commend Plain Jane for their vision and innovation.


    Plain Jane’s pre-rolls come in a .9 gram cigarette form. Now don’t mistake this for being a tobacco cigarette but rather it is filled with Plain Jane’s odorless and smooth flower or their full flavor bud. You can tell their vision with this product is for consumer discreteness. They come in a cigarette carton and are a great way to cut out tobacco and instead fill the habit of smoking a cig’ with CBD. When I quit smoking tobacco and switched to cannabis, I found that cutting the habit was harder than cutting the cravings. This CBD cigarette is a sort of placebo for the cigarette muscle memory many long time smokers have. The odorless and smooth  pre-roll also masks the typical “dank” weed smell that marijuana and hemp flower usually have. I wish I was smart enough to figure out how the chemistry that goes beyond removing the smell from the flower.


    As I said before, Plain Jane did not disappoint with this flower. All CBD on the website is quality checked before shipping to the consumer. The flower was nice and moist right out of the packaging. Usually flower comes just a little dry because of shipping conditions but not this time! The flower came in nice .7-.9 gram nugs and were very pleasing on the eye. The bud had a nice bright green shine with light brown pistils. The flower was packed with trichomes and upon breaking the bud up looked like a jewelry store with all the diamonds glistening in the light. The grinded bud was perfect for rolling as the sticky flower seemed to roll itself! It is also a nice filler for a bowl and/ or bong, which is how I prefer to smoke this Plain Jane flower. The pre-rolls were also professionally wrapped and came in an attractive white wrap. The full flavor ground doesn’t lose any of the quality the bud presents.

    Taste & Smell

    For the full flavor bud, the taste leaves a nice earthy, almost fruity smoke flavor in the mouth. The bud smokes ever so nicely but could be a little harsh on the throat if you are an amateur smoker. It leaves behind an earthy dank smell behind that lasts for 30 minutes to an hour after smoking so I would smoke this strain outdoors or with the windows open I’d recommend starting with the odorless and smooth flower that Plain Jane has to offer if you are new to smoking CBD flower. It is actually quite astonishing that this flower actually has no smell and no flower. This would be flower I would smoke in the comfort of a nice, soft couch. It smokes amazing and whatever flavor of wrap you have will be the overwhelming majority of flavor that you taste when smoking the smooth bud. I recommend an all natural hemp wrap.

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    CBD Pre-Rolls By Plain Jane


    As someone who medicates with CBD, I am very critical of the onset effects with every CBD product I use. Plain Jane delivers when it comes to the overall feeling after smoking their product. I also like to test all products I review with a couple of friends so I can be sure I detail exactly what the CBD delivers and not just what I think it delivers. After consumption of the flower, it took around 10 minutes before you realize a noticeable effect. The best way I can describe what CBD does for me is to say that CBD takes weight off of my body. Not in the literal sense of it makes me skinny but rather a psychological weight being lifted. I notice a nice calm feeling take over the stress in my life and in my joints I feel a nice ease of pressure. For someone who just wants to sit back on a nice day and smoke CBD this is the perfect flower for you. It put me in a nice mood where I was confident but also at ease. And with all flower the amount of CBD that makes its way in your body will be based on how you smoke it. Joints and rolls will have less of an effect than something like a distillate vape pen which is also offered on Plain Jane’s website and I hope I can get my hands on. But as I said before what I feel from consuming CBD might not be the exact way you feel. I recommend trying a few different products from Plain Jane and seeing what works for you. Their affordability also allows for an ease on the wallet as it is the best quality flower you can get at that price.

    What Can We Expect From Plain Jane?

    Fortunately I got an opportunity to talk with the Plain Jane Operations manager, that of which I am very gracious that he took the time to answer a few questions. I don’t want to spoil too much for the reader but Plain Jane said we can expect CBD edibles in the near future and you better believe I’ll be back reviewing a pack of gummy bears or cookies soon! Plain Jane also disclosed to me that they have major plans of being in retailers near you very soon. They are also on a conquest to go international as the Plain Jane Peeps were in Costa Rica at the time of writing this review. I appreciate their humanitarian effort of going to impoverished countries and spreading knowledge of the healing effects of CBD. There are a lot of things to expect in the not so distant future from Plain Jane!


    Plain Jane is very much the premier up and coming CBD company. With products from flower to distillate, they have a nice range of CBD that you can choose from. They offer great quality and are one of the most affordable brands on the market right now. I was overall very pleased with the flower and pre-rolls I received and will definitely be going back for more very soon. I recommend the flower to more experienced smokers as it can be harsh on the throat but is super tasty and smokes very nice. The pre-rolls would be something I’d recommend to people who prefer to be discreet about their use or people wanting to quit tobacco cigarettes. There is something for every at Plain Jane.

    Where Can I Order Plain Jane From?

    You can order the CBD Pre-Rolls we have featured here and more via the links below.


    The effects of CBD will vary from person to person. The effects the flower has on me is not a guaranteed result and results will vary from person to person. I recommend that you experiment with all types of flowers to receive your desired effects.