World’s First Psilocybin Nasal Spray To Treat Depression & PTSD

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A Magic Mushroom nasal spray has been created to make microdosing easier for people to treat their PTSD or depression.

Please keep in mind this product is not available yet, as the article suggests it is currently in clinical trials, after trials are done the product still needs to go through a rigorous process.

The company behind the ‘Magic Mushroom’ Nasal Spray, Silo Wellness, located in Oregon whose team specializes in Cannabis have developed the Nasal Spray in Jamaica – Psilocybin is legal for micro-dosing otherwise known as controlled dosing, I know we’re both in the wrong country?.

The Magic Mushroom Nasal Spray

The psilocybin nasal spray passes straight through the stomach, heading directly into the bloodstream through the nasal mucus membranes and finally finding the liver for metabolizing. This saves the patient from the common side effect, nausea ( that some of us may experience ) when taking psilocybin.

Becky Rotterman, Board Adviser & Investor at Silo Wellness, whose a Missouri pharmacist as well, said:

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“Many psilocybin patients, particularly women, complain of upset stomach or vomiting when taking high-doses of mushrooms. We want to bring this wonderful natural medicine first to Oregon and then the flyover states to those who would be afraid to eat a handful of fungi and who feel more comfortable seeing their medicine in a familiar delivery modality, such as a metered-dose nasal spray.”

Microdosing & Why?

When one takes psilocybin getting the dosage right is crucial. Many people end up dosing multiple times, although the first dose takes some time to take effect so the person may end up consuming more, only to find they have taken too much later on. Microdosing alternatives like what Silo Wellness have developed in the form of a nasal spray benefits the user with faster uptake speed at safe micro doses. This is important in order to prevent accidental high-dosage experiences which could potentially cause a bad trip.

Silo Wellness founder, Mike Arnold, said he created the medicine dispenser after his first experience with psilocybin after he was advised by a doctor to try it.

He said: “I couldn’t help to think how fortunate I was to have an actual physician take me on my first trip rather than ‘some guy’ I know, but I realised that most first-time users don’t have that luxury.

“I reached out to my long-time colleague from the marijuana space, brilliant inventor Michael Hartman, and we agreed that we need to be able to give patients predictable dosing so they can self-titrate into the desired levels of sub-psychedelic or psychedelic treatment.”

“We solved the age-old problem with plant- and fungus-based medicine: How do you know how much is a dose?” Hartman explained. “How do you avoid taking too much, like the cannabis edibles dilemma? We also managed to solve one of the common complaints of some mushroom users: taste and upset stomach.”

Trauma & Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin is being trialled for the treatment of a number of physical and mental conditions, two of which are PTSD and depression. The psychoactive component is thought to stimulate receptors in the brain and potentially ‘rewire the brain’ by increasing neuro connectivity – helping to heal trauma from physical or psychological events.

COO, Scott Slay, said: “We are so grateful for the opportunity to have an actual and real first-to-market consumer product in magic mushrooms.

“I found mushrooms after returning from Iraq working in IED demolition and combat. The war changed me and the VA was ill equipped to help me transition and deal with my PTSD.

“I was heavily medicated. Mushrooms and DMT saved me. My life was renewed. I now have peace and purpose, and I can’t wait to share this opportunity with the world.”

Since psilocybin and other psychoactive compounds are found in nearly 200 known-species of mushrooms, humans have evolved around these beneficial chemical compounds.

Users of psychedelics have known for many years that small “micro doses” of mushrooms can give the user spiritual, medical, and therapeutic benefits without sending the user into a psychedelic ’trip’ as with high doses of mushroom biomass.



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