Alien Labs x Friendly Farms | Dosidos x GMO Vape Cartridge Review

    Who Are Friendly Farms?

    Located in Sacramento, California is a Cannabis brand within a competitive market and that really stand out from the rest is the innovative, Friendly Farms. They specialize in Full Spectrum / Live Resin Sauce all from Cannabis cultivated in Emerald Triangle, Santa Barbara Country and various other premium growing regions in California.

    Friendly Farms’ Full Spectrum extracts preserve all native Terpenes and Cannabinoids of premium cannabis plants at sub-zero temperatures, ensuring all the natural wonderful flavors, aroma and effects are all retained to enhance your vaping experience – keep in mind the full spectrum effects are no joke! It’s the real deal! – Their extraction methods utilizes the whole cannabis plant at it’s peak to ensure you get the best qualities any cannaseur will enjoy.

    Product Highlights ⭐

    • Strain – DoSiDos x GMO Hybrid Strain
    • Sauce Cartridge
    • Made From Dried Cannabis
    • 100% Cured Resin
    • No Additives, Thinners or Cutters

    Alien Labs x Friendly Farms Sauce Cart Review

    In such a competitive and growing industry there really isn’t that many Cannabis Brands making Live Resin and Sauce Cartridges available in the Cannabis Market at this point in time. The cartridge I’ll be reviewing is their Alien Labs x Friendly Farms GMO X Dosido Sauce Cartridge and yes you thought right! This collaboration is delicious as it sounds?.

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    At first I experienced the sweet minty aroma from Do-Si-Dos and followed with a hint of coffee and pine from the GMO, your taste buds will be thanking you within the first couple of puffs and shortly after your mind, body and soul will be giving their thanks. This collaboration hits you fast and hard with a cerebral rush of euphoric energy that lasts for only a few moments before fading into a happy stoney introspection.

    It’s the cleanest I have vaped in a long time, be sure to follow the instructions on the back and vape @ the recommended 2.7-4 Volts, there’s no doubt I tried at the hottest heat setting which allowed me to produce thick clouds [ Size of Clouds depends on the heat setting ] with the beautiful aroma described above, heads up you’re gonna cough. The effects of these two strains are felt almost immediately, live resin carts offer a more premium cannabis experience than any distillate on the market. These cartridges offer only 100% Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil, no PG or PEG and no other additives so you know what you vaping. Don’t be fooled by distillate.


    You can find Friendly Farm Premium Live Resin Cartridges in Californian Dispensaries for around $45USD+ before taxes. I believe it’s a fair price for a 0.5g premium live resin considering the process, a process you must appreciate and respect.


    Friendly Farms have been refining the industry through innovation, community and culture. Their mission is to bring safe, affordable, flavorful artisan concentrates extracted from high quality cannabis to the market. Friendly Farms are set out to remove the negative social stigmas that revolve around cannabis. They believe in helping out our community, and are committed to finding ways to help others through their Give Back Program.


    Friendly Farms’ True Full-Spectrum designer extracts have been recognized by leading cannabis industry judging competitions.

    2018 EMERALD CUP

    Six products from the Friendly Farms placed in the Top 10 of the 2018 Emerald Cup.


    And we can’t forget the mark they left at the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup.

    • 1st Place Best New Product | High Times Cannabis Cup 2018  
    • 1st Place Best Cartridge | High Times Cannabis Cup 2018
    • 1st Place Best Hybrid Concentrate | High Times Cannabis Cup 2018

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