Cannabis and Mushroom Combination That Kills 90% Of Colon Cancer Cells

    Israeli biomedical company, Cannabotech, who develops alternative and preventive medicine based on based on cannabis and mushroom extracts, has recently found promising results in a study involving it’s Integrative-Colon product.

    According to statistics, researchers have forecasted there are going to be over 160,000 new cases of colon cancer that will be diagnosed in the United States, and worldwide it’s the third most diagnosed type of cancer.

    The Integrative-Colon products are based on a combination of several cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and various mushroom extracts and then tested on subtypes of colon cancer. The research has been a success so far with 90% of cancer cells killed.

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    The mushroom extracts had a high concentration of PSK, which is derived from the Turkey Tail (Trametes) mushroom, which is renowned for its cancer-fighting properties. In case you didn’t know, the Trametes mushrooms are already approved for cancer treatments in countries like South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. It’s also been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

    CannaBotech intend to combine the formulation with chemotherapy treatment in the next phases of the research, and also combine it with the Cyathus Striatus mushroom.

    In addition, their study outlines that there are different impacts of each cannabinoid on various colon cancer subtypes. Cannabotech said it demonstrates the importance of tailoring medical care for each patient’s unique needs. However, the goal of biomedical firms’ work is not to completely replace conventional cancer treatments though they hope that with the new formulations, cancer patients need fewer treatments to get the same benefits.

    “This is a significant milestone in Cannabotech’s growth to becoming a leader in integrative oncology medicine. The integrative products developed by Cannabotech are intended for use in combination with chemotherapy treatment to reduce its side effects. Cannabotech’s solutions will be launched in Israel and the US towards the second half of 2022, while the company’s goal is to define a new standard for the medical cannabis industry,” said Elchanan Shaked.

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