Salmon, CBD & Mushroom | Cannabis Infused Recipe

    The ingredients for our recipes are carefully selected in order to maximize the benefits of CBD for your body. In this recipe, the key ingredients are salmon and olive oil. The oil will allow the CBD to pass through your liver unfiltered allowing your body to enjoy a larger amount of the molecule. As for the salmon, its richness in fatty acids allows the body to metabolize the CBD much quicker.

    1. Salmon fillet 200g
    2. Rice 200g
    3. Mushrooms 100g
    4. Cream 2 tablespoons
    5. CBD Trim 1g
    6. Thyme 1g
    7. Parsley 1g
    8. Laurel 1g

    Step 1

    Boil water and add thyme, parsley, laurel and a pinch of CBD trim.

    Step 2

    Season the salmon on both sides with the CBD trim to raise the taste and fry it in a pan. Remember to keep a small amount of trim aside for the final step. Once the water has arrived at boiling point, pour the rice and cook it on low heat for 10-15 minutes depending on the rice of your choosing.

    Step 3

    Once the salmon is colored, add the mushrooms and fry them for 4 minutes. Then, pour the cream and let it fry on very low heat for 4 minutes while stirring gently the entire time.

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    Step 4

    Drain the rice and serve the whole sprinkled with CBD trim. Enjoy your meal!

    Chefs Tips

    Use the Candy Kush trim for optimum experience. Its fruity flavors marry well with salmon. Cut the salmon into pieces to mix the whole.