Did You Know Snoop Dogg Was Cameron Diaz’s Weed Dealer In High School?

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    Did you know Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg went to high school together? And that’s just the beginning of their connection.

    Finding a “weed guy” is an entirely fundamental part of cannabis culture. If you want to smoke you’ve got to have your hook up.

    Every once in a while a weed guy goes big time and becomes an all-out sensi celebrity. What better example of this then the king of cannabis himself, Snoop Dogg?

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    From local Long Beach weed guy to rap superstar to ganja mogul, Snoop’s built his entire career on a solid foundation of marijuana.

    And as it turns out, Snoop’s pot-infused life involves the lives of other celebrities in some kind of interesting ways. One of the coolest cannabis connections between Snoop and other celebrities is his little known past as Cameron Diaz’s high school weed dealer.

    This connection came to light when Cameron Diaz was a guest on the now-defunct nighttime talk show “Lopez Tonight,” which was hosted by comedian George Lopez.

    On the show, Diaz said that when she was a teen, she attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School, the same school Snoop went to.

    Diaz was one year behind the up-and-coming rapper, and apparently, Snoop was her pot hook up.

    And the response..

    “I remember him, he was very tall and skinny and wore lots of ponytails,” Diaz said. “And I’m pretty sure I bought weed from him.”

    A short time later, it was Snoop’s turn to be a guest on Lopez’s show. While he was on stage, Lopez played the clip of Diaz talking about her days of buying bud from Snoop as a high schooler.

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    Snoop laughed and said: “I might have sold her some of that white girl weed,” which he jokingly explained was just “sticks and stems and seeds.”

    Snoop and Diaz are just two names on a growing list of celebrity pot smokers.

    Although they might be the first celebrities to have ever had a dealer-buyer relationship.

    Other well-known celebrity stoners include Seth Rogen—who just started his own YouTube ganja show.

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    Miley Cyrus, Willie Nelson, Wiz Khalifa, Melissa Etheridge, Freddie Gibbs, and Woody Harrelson.

    As for Snoop, he’s moved from rapping and singing about marijuana to becoming an actual cannapreneur, capitalizing on weed’s move into the legal mainstream.

    Toward the end of 2015, Snoop hosted a sampling party at his own personal cannabis plantation. At the party, guests tried a new, super-high THC strain developed by Snoop himself.

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    And at the beginning of February, he announced plans to team up with Toronto-based marijuana producer Tweed to move into the Canadian cannabis market.

    Looks like Snoop’s getting ready to be the weed guy for a lot more people than just Cameron Diaz.