What’s a Hemp Wick & Why You Should Use One

    You may have or may not have heard of hemp wicks, as hemp products became regulated and legal, and as we welcome new smokers to the community we must educate! We’ve start to see more hemp infused products being launched everyday. And one that’s been around for a while is the Hemp Wick!

    Hemp wicks are a blend of hemp and beeswax, this makes for slow burning flame. They’re a 100% natural product and have become a very popular alternative to the butane lighters we have been accustomed to using over the years. Some smokers prefer a hemp wick due to the potential dangers of butane inhalation from a lighter, they’re especially perfect for our bongs, lighting up a joint with or pipe smokers, and here’s why.

    So Why Should I Use One?

    1. No More Harmful Butane

    You won’t be inhaling butane while taking a hit from your bong, don’t forget hemp is cannabis minus the THC of course, so it’s a lot less harmful than your traditional BIC lighter. Of course you’re going to need a flame to light up the wick so my recommendation is adding a candle to your session for that ambience.

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    2. Low Temps, More Terps.

    Not only is a hemp wick longer lasting than butane lighters, and much better for the environment, they are biodegradable. A hemp wick is a simple addition to your daily routine can also improve the flavor of your next hit.

    Butane burns at hotter temperatures that it destroys a number of our beloved terpenes found in cannabis. Not only are these terpenes responsible for the characteristic aroma, helping with flavor, they also interact with other cannabinoids such as THC and CBD to provide greater medicinal qualities and an overall better “high”.

    3. Smoother, Cooler Hits.

    As you know now hemp wicks don’t burn as hot as butane lighters, so expect a controlled, smooth and clean hit. Your throat and lungs will thank you.

    So where do I get one from?

    Most smoke shops, if not ALL will have them. Considering the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we are all very restricted and told not to leave the house, this is where services like Amazon, eBay, our online store offering convenient solutions really come in handy. I’ll place some recommendations below ?.